The right people

People are Cooney Lees Morgan’s most valuable asset. Our staff tell us that a good working relationship with peers and clients is the most valuable contributor to a satisfying day at work.

Our primary objective is to have the best people, who will contribute to the best working environment. The best working environment will attract the best people. We strive to provide a work environment that inspires, nurtures, recognises and rewards effort, and an environment that promotes strong friendships and mutual professional respect.

The better and more enjoyable our workplace, the better people we attract, the better work we do, the better clients we get. Simple really.

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“Cooney Lees Morgan staff are selected for ingenuity, bright thinking and consummate professionalism. We want people to look at Cooney Lees Morgan and see a perfect mix of high-flying, industry-leading lawyers with vision and ambition.”

The right attitude

The right attitude

Cooney Lees Morgan is the unique product of the attitudes and values of the people who work here. Some people call this culture, but we’d like to think of it as being far more organic then that. The lifestyle benefits of our Bay of Plenty location have a dramatic effect on the firm’s personality. The way we’re able to move seamlessly from working with a blue-chip client to a young family buying their first home, is a reflection of our personality. The way we respect and value our colleagues, and the sense of pride we have for the firm, reflects our personality.

Diversity - Progression


A culture of diversity and inclusion is a continuous process that has been part of Cooney Lees Morgan’s DNA right from the start. We’ve never thought of diversity as a marketing tool or something needed for growth, it’s just who we are. Embracing and celebrating diversity has created a dynamic, strong and well-connected workforce of open minded and supportive professionals.


At Cooney Lees Morgan we encourage our people to take ownership of their career aspirations and provide the tools to support them to achieve those goals, including training resources, networking opportunities and mentoring. We promote customisable career paths that offer progression, secondment, career breaks (for maternity or other reasons) or recognition that thriving in a current role is a valid career objective. This flexibility and commitment to development encourages our people to chart career paths that align with their personal interests and priorities.

Our stories

Staff talk about their careers and what it’s like working at Cooney Lees Morgan.

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Marley Orr
Position Legal Assistant

Marley Orr lives in a townhouse in Bethlehem and works in Cooney’s busy corporate office – so she seizes every chance to get out on the water and go fishing to help recharge her batteries. The Legal Assistant grew up with her grandad and uncle...

Jeff Stringer
Position Associate

Working hard in a demanding corporate environment is much easier knowing the freedom and adrenaline of mountain biking or skiing is never far away. Jeff Stringer grew up mountain biking through quarries and reserves on the outskirts of Timaru. He’s...

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At Cooney Lees Morgan, we're all about having the best and brightest legal professionals on our team.

As a mid-sized law firm based in Tauranga, we're proud to provide quality and pragmatic solutions to a range of corporate, commercial, local authority, and private clients both locally and across the country. Our teams tackle challenging and rewarding work that's both sophisticated and wide-ranging.

We've fostered an encouraging and supportive environment in our modern CBD offices. We're continuously striving to make our workplace more inclusive and we believe that different experiences, perspectives, and values working together lead to better outcomes. If you have the right skill set, we'd love to have you on board!

Our people choose Cooney Lees Morgan not only for the professional challenge but also for the quality of life that living in the beautiful Bay of Plenty brings. So, if you're thinking of taking your career to the next level, come join us and experience the difference for yourself!

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