Businesses unite for Tauranga Foodbank

Businesses unite for Tauranga Foodbank

Article courtesy of Bay of Plenty Times

An "amazing" effort by a group of businesses sharing a building pulled together a van full of food and a large cheque for the Tauranga Community Foodbank.

Cooney Lees Morgan co-ordinated a food collection for all the businesses in the 247 Cameron Rd building and on Friday, it was gathered together and donated to the Tauranga Community Foodbank, along with a $5000 cheque presented by partner Paul Tustin to foodbank chairman Alan Plunkett.

Human resources and marketing administrator Kay George said Cooney Lees Morgan had sent out an email to all businesses in the 247 building letting them now the law firm was again co-ordinating a food drive for the foodbank.

Mrs George said the response had been "amazing".

The foodbank's van was filled with boxes of food - not only cans, but nappies, sanitary products, cereals, toothbrushes, Christmas goodies and treats.

"When I walked in this morning and saw people dropping in boxes of things, it's really humbling to see what people can give, especially at this time of year.

"The cans just piled up, three deep in each of the boxes. There would be at least 1000 food items."

Mrs George said it was really nice to see people making an effort to donate healthy food as well. This was the third year the law firm had co-ordinated the collection, usually run by administration manager Michelle Senkus.

Mrs George said the collection got people thinking about Christmas and about giving to the less fortunate.

Mr Tustin said the foodbank was such a good cause to support at Christmas time as it helped support families.

Pictured are (front, left) Bruce Smith, Paul Tustin, Drew Whitten. Back, from left, Kay George, Chris Jones, Kerie Egan, and Janet Holmes.

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