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Changing Time- Proposed Amendments to Division of Relationship Property

As society changes, so too should the laws that govern our society – particularly those that govern one of the most intimate aspects of our lives: de facto relationships, marriages and civil unions.  The Property (Relationships) Act has been in force since 1976 (although it was amended in 2002) and sets out the rules for how property is divided when parties separate or one party passes away.  What was once forward thinking legislation has now become outdated and can often lead to the unfair division of relationship property between separating couples.  The Law Commission recently reviewed the Property (Relationships) Act 1976...

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New Draft National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity

On 25 November the Government released its draft National Policy...

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And so the fight begins

Husband No. 2 to wife “I’m leaving you for the au pair....

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Commercial Tenants - Do you Understand the Standard Terms of Your Lease?

Most commercial leases in New Zealand are agreed on the standard...

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Climate Change and Sustainability

Where To Start? We have always relied on our clean green image to...

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