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A new approach to class action litigation

The Supreme Court recently delivered a landmark decision for class actions however it has also left many unanswered questions.

The case involved a claim brought on behalf of several thousand insureds who had settled with Southern Response. The insured alleged they settled their insurance claims, due to incomplete information given to them by Southern Response, on less favourable terms than they otherwise would have been. This type of litigation involving many people that have a similar claim is called a “representative claim” or more colloquially a “class action”.

The Supreme Court did not consider the...

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New Privacy Act Passed

Earlier this year Parliament unanimously passed a new Privacy Act. It...

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Family Business: 5 Keys to Success

This Special Report, authored by Owen Cooney has become an important...

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Urban Development Act - Major Changes

Major changes are under foot for urban development in New Zealand...

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5 Things to consider before buying a business

Many people dream of owning their own business and working for...

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Replacing the RMA

Replacing the RMA: Comprehensive Resource Management Reform Report...

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New Restrictions on Overseas Ownership

From on or before 22 October 2018, overseas persons will generally...

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First Defended Health and Safety Prosecution

Kiwifruit Orchard Fatality leads to first defended Health and Safety...

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