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Limited Partnerships 101

Limited partnerships (or LPs) are a hybrid of limited liability companies and common partnerships, combining some of the best features of each to create a flexible vehicle suitable for many kinds of investments and business activities. 

LPs have been well recognised internationally for a long time but only became part of New Zealand’s corporate landscape relatively recently when the Limited Partnerships Act 2008 (the Act) was passed into law.  LPs have become more popular over time as people have become more and more familiar with how they work and the benefits they afford to...

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Andy Martin

Special Counsel

Special Counsel

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What to Consider Before Undertaking a Subdivision

Are you thinking about undertaking a subdivision?  Whether it be...

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Fast Track Approvals Bill Q&A

In line with its name, the Fast Track Approvals Bill made haste...

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IPCC Sixth Assessment Report What does it mean for NZ?

There's no ignoring the IPCC Sixth Assessment...

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Checklist for Your Company's Annual Return

If you are one of the 1,000s of NZ companies with 31 March as its...

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6 Things To Consider Before Selling Your Business

Overview Here’s a thought that we’ll come back to...

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Adapting to a changing climate in NZ

Last week saw the release of NZ’s first National Adaptation...

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Small Traders Beware

Amendments to the Fair Trading Act 1986 are coming into force soon...

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Sustainability and Climate Change Update: April 2023

What’s happening? There is a lot happening in the Climate...

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