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Adapting to a changing climate in NZ

Last week saw the release of NZ’s first National Adaptation Plan.  Our previous article looked at the draft Adaptation Plan released by Government in April 2022[1].  In this article we consider the final version of the Plan and the issues that are yet to be addressed.

What does the National Adaptation Plan cover?

As explained in our previous article, the National Adaptation Plan sits alongside the Emissions Reduction Plan and together they are intended to lay out New Zealand’s overall response to climate change and enable a transition to a low-emissions,...

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Rachael Zame

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Senior Associate

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Pricing Agricultural Emissions

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Using land covenants for your benefit

How do developers of upmarket subdivisions ensure that new houses fit...

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How To Climate Proof Your Business

we have previously summarised the key findings of the Sixth...

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Freshwater & Indigenous Biodiversity

Freshwater and indigenous biodiversity exposure drafts –...

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The Law Commission's Review of Succession Law

Overview The Law Commission released its review of New...

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Small Traders Beware

Amendments to the Fair Trading Act 1986 are coming into force soon...

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Holding Meetings and Voting in Covid-19 Times

COVID-19 has been logistically challenging on many levels. One of the...

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