Dynamic legal professionals required to join the Bay of Plenty’s leading law firm.

When you have the best people in your team, it’s only natural to attract the best clients, and the opportunities that come with them. This of course has led to unprecedented growth, and puts Cooney Lees Morgan in the exciting position of being able to onboard a number of new legal professionals. We know our type of people aren’t easy to find, but know you’re out there and contemplating your work/life balance wondering if there’s a better way. Our staff and partners will tell you categorically that there is.

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Cooney Lees Morgan’s relocation packages may include financial assistance and help with all the little details down to choosing the right daycare and the best area to live. We’ve got lots of staff who’ve relocated nationally and internationally to join us so there’s plenty of helpful advice we can share.

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Karen Middleweek

After returning to New Zealand from the UK, I contacted several law firms in the Bay looking for an employment opportunity.  I had recently finished a legal secretary course through Pitmans and was keen to put the theory into action. Cooney Lees Morgan offered me a position as receptionist with a chance to move into a legal secretary role in the future, which I thought was a great opportunity and grasped it with both hands.

However, after a few months in my role as receptionist I realised I enjoyed it far too much to not continue – the getting to know the clients and organising the ‘front of house’ was where my heart for the company lay, and I am pleased to say that four plus years later, I still feel as strongly about that now as I did then.

It’s my responsibility to ensure that the client area of Cooney Lees Morgan functions at its most optimum and that the partners, staff and clients themselves are fully taken care of. From room and function bookings to webinar and seminar registrations, phone queries to courier transactions, conference calls to client liaisons – my day encompasses them all.

Living in the Bay allows me to indulge in all my passions. I love to cook and then counteract those calories by keeping my fitness up with running and swimming in the glorious outdoor environment of the Bay. The lifestyle, the weather, the close proximity to lots of great activities, the people... the list goes on.