Mary Hill becomes a Partner!

Mary Hill becomes a Partner!

On the 1st of April Cooneys officially welcome Mary as the firm's latest Partner and are very excited to have her onboard. 

Mary's 15 years experience as a Litigator, specialising in resource management and local government law since she has been with Cooneys has proven to be invaluable to the firm. Her personality, professionalism and dedication are the key qualities we look for in our Partners.

Cooney Lees Morgan employ some incredibly successful women, who pursue various legal and personal pathways, some of whom will speak at the Chamber of Commerce Business Women's Network Conference being held in May, of which Cooneys is a key sponsor.

It's great to see Mary and all the ladies at Cooney Lees Morgan achieving at the highest degree and we look forward to hearing more of their successes in the near future.

To learn more about the Business Women's Network click here.

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