Sponsor of TAG exhibitions

Sponsor of TAG exhibitions

Did you know that Cooney Lees Morgan is sponsoring some upcoming exhibitions at the Tauranga Art Gallery?

By Rebecca Graham

We are supporting a series of exhibition at Tauranga Art Gallery by Yvonne Todd. The first is an exhibition called “Barnacles” and will be presented at the Gallery from the 19th of August to the 6th of November. In September is another exhibition called “Fictitious Bodies: Costume in Yvonne Todd’s Photography” curated by Te Papa Senior History Curator Claire Regnault.

Auckland based artist Yvonne Todd has been commissioned by the Gallery to create a new suite of photographs that will explore ideas ranging from an interest in Victoriana to the colourful mind-bending psychedelic influences of the 1960s and 70s. The works will feature a mix of portraits, landscapes and still-lifes and will challenge you to think about photography in a whole new way.

Yvonne Todd is a contemporary New Zealand photographer known for her works that combine the slick production of commercial photography with imagery and scenarios that are slightly left of center. If you want to check out her works in advance of the exhibition then her website (ervon.com) is well worth a visit.

As a Trustee of The Tauranga Art Gallery Trust and an Associate at Cooney Lees Morgan I’m really excited and proud to be involved in this project. What I really love about these events is that they bring our community together, and the assistance that Cooney Lees Morgan plays is essential in providing a place for people to gather and see the art.

Cooney Lees Morgan has been supporting the Gallery for many years now and it’s a real privilege to be behind such a fantastic exhibition.  Make sure you tell all your friends and family to get along and see it – you won’t be disappointed.


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