Tania strong arms the competition

Tania strong arms the competition

Yet another member of our team, Tania Waikato has a hidden talent. Not only a highly successful senior solicitor for us, but also a highly successful CrossFit athlete. Having won the Master Women’s 2016 FS Weightlifting Competition back in July, Tania has now competed at the CrossFit Nationals, held at Mystery Creek. From over 500 entrants, Tania placed 13th in the Elite RX female category, no mean feat considering she was the eldest woman in the division. 

We’re thrilled for Tania and excited to see how she progresses in the Weightlifting finals held in Auckland, this September, at Olympic Weightlifting Champion, Riche Patterson’s gym. Yet another example of our diverse range of staff and their passions, Cooneys are pleased to be able to offer a healthy work/life balance for all of our valued staff.

Photo credit: Brani from Photo Visual Works, Hamilton


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