Dynamic legal professionals required to join the Bay of Plenty’s leading law firm.

When you have the best people in your team, it’s only natural to attract the best clients, and the opportunities that come with them. This of course has led to unprecedented growth, and puts Cooney Lees Morgan in the exciting position of being able to onboard a number of new legal professionals. We know our type of people aren’t easy to find, but know you’re out there and contemplating your work/life balance wondering if there’s a better way. Our staff and partners will tell you categorically that there is.

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Cooney Lees Morgan’s relocation packages may include financial assistance and help with all the little details down to choosing the right daycare and the best area to live. We’ve got lots of staff who’ve relocated nationally and internationally to join us so there’s plenty of helpful advice we can share.

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Tania Waikato

Because Cooney Lees Morgan was such a good place to work the first time around, it was my first choice when I found myself back in Tauranga. The ‘work/life balance’ here is not just a catchy promo line – it really is part of the firm culture. The other thing I always respected about the firm is the deeply rooted sense of community responsibility and commitment to charity work. In this day and age it’s something that I think is really important to have running through the veins of an organisation.

Cooney Lees Morgan has always been supportive of my career development and offered me a fantastic opportunity to be mentored by Paul Tustin and Murray Denyer, two of the finest commercial lawyers in the country. I was promoted to senior solicitor within a year of returning and am looking forward to many more years of learning and growth here. 

Working with local companies and entrepreneurs to make their businesses fly is something I get a real buzz about. Tauranga isn’t being called the ‘Silicon Valley of New Zealand’ for nothing. It’s a really exciting space to be working in, and it’s only getting better.