Climate Change and Sustainability

With proactive engagement, sustainability and climate change can be turned from burden to market advantage.


We are here to make sure your business remains ahead of the curve with sustainability and climate change to ensure you can manage the risks and can manoeuvre to capture the most advantage from the growing global demands for greater performance and transparency around sustainability including greenhouse gas emissions

Climate Change and Sustainability is an evolving area of our practice directly relevant to agribusiness, primary producers, industry and manufacturing. This is particularly relevant for any business with an export market focus where beyond compliance sustainability certifications and carbon emissions reporting are becoming the norm, and are increasingly required by investors, financial institutions, buyers and end market consumers. It is no longer enough simply to rely only on our clean kiwi image, the market more and more demands transparency, verification and reporting.

Domestically, increased greenhouse gas emission reduction and reporting obligations are likely as are opportunities around carbon offsetting and farming schemes with upcoming legislation like the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill.

We are uniquely positioned to assist. With a long established Agribusiness and Commercial practice, we understand the unique challenges and operating realties which you face. In addition to our long partnership with the primary and commercial sectors, we have in house expertise in advising on global industry and commodity specific standards for sustainability and traceability and reporting. We are experienced in advising on international carbon offset and reporting schemes including those under the UNFCCC, the European International Sustainability & Carbon Certification Scheme (ISCC) as well as voluntary standards such as the Verified Carbon standard. 



  • International and industry specific sustainability certifications
  • Globally standardised sustainability reporting such as the Global Reporting initiative
  • The risks and opportunities around new domestic climate change legislation 
  • International carbon reporting and offsetting 

Key Contacts

Mary Hill



Phone: +64 7 927 0590


Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours), University of Canterbury

Master of Commercial Law (First Class Honours), University of Auckland


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